August 25, 2016 AA Moore 0

The Bigger the Hair the more I want You – Strawberry blonde. Fundamentally ginger in a certain light. Elbow length. A waterfall. Curls that easily wound tight around the fingers. Ringlets. Juliet Coleman. Fucking Juliet. Sweet and sugary, here on her European summer of self-discovery. American. Had “like never really read more

Festival sleep


August 17, 2016 AA Moore 0

Festival Dreaming –I slipped into hallucinating, where she left me, lying on the grass. I don’t remember my eyes shutting or the exact moment the real fused with the unreal or when my clothes turned a stunning turquoise cobalt like the ocean. The pink and orange flags continued to ripple read more

Roskilde 1


August 8, 2016 AA Moore 0

Couples Dance – Hot grass flattened from a couple’s embrace clingy they fit like serrated pieces of broken smuggled-in Havana Club that the earth has swallowed and caked the sides of a mirror image one half of a heart they gulp and swig at each other’s tongues drown in sticky read more

Glasto FLAGS


August 1, 2016 AA Moore 0

Date Interrupted – “Pleeeeeease man, don’t be a pussy, okay?” A viper hiss shot out of my mouth and into the emergency mobile, a startlingly low and desperate frequency forced from my throat. It’d rung ten separate times, off the hook, vibrating my leg, tightening up my chub rub, until read more