weeeirdos Rave, Berlin, 26/05/2018

May 30, 2018 AA Moore 0

The art space, a lonely pin, buried deep inside a deserted retail park. Techno, obviously. And Weirdos, self-proclaimed and exquisitely smiley, compared to the sauer-faced doorman we had encountered the day before at Ohm. The party was eight floors up, at the top of an apartment block and the moon read more


Day Interrupted

August 29, 2017 AA Moore 0

Margaritas for breakfast, ordered by the pitcher load to dull the mild hangover that was chipping away at my grey matter. “It’s a Marathon Monday tradition”, I was told, as I slugged it down with one beefy firewood fajita and the Everest pile of sweet potato fries. The window seats read more


Once upon a time in a Dog Cafe in Korea…

July 29, 2017 AA Moore 0

It wasn’t like he couldn’t remember. Thick grey that hung inches from his nose, stroked the pavement so there were no edges, the giant ball sinking into a sea of it. Coloured like the one they used to bounce across tarmac and never let him at, he’d never quite catch read more


Sleeper to Hampi

June 30, 2017 AA Moore 0

The peppercorns of his eyes swell, devouring the egg whites around them. He’s shaking, white-like-a-chicken and overweight. His jellied arms wobble in American cooking-fat and jam. “They’re eating people alive in there.” He lurches for the kiosk. “What you got?” The shy woman blinks three times too many. “Dahl Shrimaan.” read more



May 8, 2017 AA Moore 0

You ever hung over the edge? Over the edge so completely, like you might fall off? He’d woken me up with an illuminate burn. Right inside the retina. Searing out my dreams. Warm dreams of being at home where the air wasn’t sticky and didn’t sting. He hung-on like the read more


Musings from Cambodia

November 7, 2016 AA Moore 0

Delicate wings, dragonflies shape blue and black cut-outs, butterfly patterns, hovering, hundreds to electric piano house, in the morning Sihanoukville daze. “To see the monks you say?” That smile breeds adventure, trekking to the Wat and leaving at dusk when all the English words have sprawled themselves across the sky read more


Travelling to Cambodia

October 6, 2016 AA Moore 0

Writing is my freedom. From October 21st I will be residing in Phnom Penh, getting high off the energy of Cambodian children and falling in love in front of golden Buddhas. I’m excited to start my next project from SE Asia. Watch this space. Stay free.