The First Time (1)

April 2, 2019 AA Moore 0

It was in the Clapham Grand, on a floor like treacle. Just a scalp with matted brunette sweat, stuck across his eyelids. He was a disembodied cranium bobbing on a ball pit of gelled and slicked-back cruisers. That one. He was just a forehead on a dance floor. “That one,” read more


Lidl (Shepherds Bush)

June 1, 2018 AA Moore 0

You appear on my front step with a box of food in your arms, smuggled rations, you check your blind spot to see if you were followed. A red face, dressed in your army coat, you’ve been at war. Left years ago, with the promise of fixing fajitas, came back read more



April 1, 2018 AA Moore 0

This is my home everytime I roam she pulls me back like a jealous bitch an itch in my fibre. Thirty-somethings move away I’ll stay. She’ll financially cripple me triple me in debt. Never forget a decade of secrets hidden in these seams Guardian of my dreams South to East read more



February 15, 2018 AA Moore 0

  If you just had confidence you’d be… he uses his hands to illustrate a bomb exploding, Hiroshima between palms. I feel, eyes full of smoke, just another particle of self, eroding, giving additional ammo to my internal voice. It’s the word just that loiters, downloading every memory we have read more


Things I’ve Tried To Be Happy

December 7, 2017 AA Moore 0

  Chasing the snowy cotton tail, Rambling the Indian travel trail, Fucking the bearded sexy male, Consuming the vegan super kale.   Winning the mega-bucks client, Acting-out tall like a giant, Fitting-in the system compliant, Railing against it defiant.   Toning the belly thin, Guzzling down the gin, Sleeping skin read more