June 24, 2016 AA Moore 0

Life is made of small moments like these (Above & Beyond) “Whenever we hear, sounds, we are changed, we are no longer the same, after having heard certain sounds, and this is more the case when we hear organised sounds, organised by another human being; music.” – Stockhausen, Karlheinz William: read more



June 16, 2016 AA Moore 0

Romeo Spunk Muscle – Rosina Maria Osborne wasn’t born to be a cheat but her mother was, had five full blown affairs just while Rosa was a kid alone. Was a gorgeous Italian woman with huge black hair and gigantic red lips. Rosa’s mother was built for it, an excellent read more



June 10, 2016 AA Moore 0

Just say NO – Hippy crack. Most attractive and overly satisfactory piece of gas, stored in a shiny metallic pellet, looks like a pill, a capsule, bizarrely polished and neatly squeezed out. Silver bullets amass like seagull shit on a pier, scattered and littered across dry cracks. Trampled down so read more



June 6, 2016 AA Moore 0

Follow the – Red like a river of chilli, a flame, the tail of a firework, in amongst a brunette electric shock. That’s what I notice first. I watch across the crowd, draining the can. A disembodied clump of grey with that matted explosion poking out the sides, bobbing across read more



June 1, 2016 AA Moore 0

K is for… – William wasn’t wearing anything under the Totoro, except chequered boxers with grey socks stuffed in Vans, and he had never stripped in public before. The girl clicked her tongue, impatiently playful, as slowly he began to peel back the warm Kigu skin from his own, wishing read more