Hear Me

December 12, 2018 AA Moore 0

My only company is the questions resting between my fingers and the keys, alphabet shadows Over-Thought WITH CAPS Is this too personal? And the killer, who cares? After a decade of swagger and strut, “stories” dressed-up in costume but barely hidden between the lines, A tool I use to be read more


Don’t Speak

March 26, 2018 AA Moore 0

  A face peeled back, skinned, unwrapped, those bare minted polos. Hearts hacked out and filled with acid, Sucked out like Rolos.   Drenched walls of an Icelandic box, dug deep inside snow drifts. On a parallel planet of frost, their reality shifts.   Disappearing, waning, gone, nothing to touch. read more



February 15, 2018 AA Moore 0

  If you just had confidence you’d be… he uses his hands to illustrate a bomb exploding, Hiroshima between palms. I feel, eyes full of smoke, just another particle of self, eroding, giving additional ammo to my internal voice. It’s the word just that loiters, downloading every memory we have read more


What We Say

September 15, 2017 AA Moore 0

He said that you hadn’t been sleeping, You said you’d gone to the doctor to get some sleeping pills. He said that an old Indian man had told you the balance was off inside your body and that you cried, You said, that guy was on drugs. He said you’re read more


Annie, Dee & Me

June 10, 2017 AA Moore 0

Her lungs fill up as she physically expands across the yellow line, her presence widening, pushing the tiny bits of uninhabited air to bend inside the corners of the tunnel, the downwards curl inside her mouth. Sir, mind the gap, Sir step away from the doors. The man with the read more