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July 26, 2016 AA Moore 0

Ben’s Poem – Wanna beer? Burning sun licks your salty eyeballs raw, jaw aches in the harsh sting of – but you’re wrong, this light’s not even strong, it’s late in the day – but fuuuuuuuuck it hurts anyway! Drum, drum, drum, dumb you blink, limbs crawl phantom-like around, feeling read more

Eyes festival


July 22, 2016 AA Moore 0

Natalie’s Poem – She has a polish that’s just the right amount of coarse, Glossed lips shoot swear words like cupid’s arrows, forced to look up from a distance, tripping on your heels, Breath shallow, lungs tight – FUCK-  so this is how it feels. The shadow on her face, read more

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July 14, 2016 AA Moore 0

Burnt Toast – Claire ran a nail across the charred toast top, chipping it so it rained black dust. Her mouth was heated sand, throat as tight as a cat’s asshole, her initials scratched in the burnt-out bread, she tossed it across the grass. “Mmm yummy.” A familiar voice, girly read more



July 7, 2016 AA Moore 0

Way Up Here – Way up here, in the vapour haze, everything is clearer. Air wrinkles and whips the fabric flags, vibrating the steel poles in ricochets across the valley, fragments of washing flying on sticks below. Pastel sheets wave happily to one another. A hat blows off and tumbles read more



July 1, 2016 AA Moore 0

K and the Totoro go to Tea Pt. 1 – The embers were soft peaches, excess from last night’s flame, as she sat on the edge to smoke, adding her ash, in one of the many tepees that stitched the lining of the hippy fields. He tried to explain, straining read more