Natalie’s Poem

She has a polish that’s just the right amount of coarse,
Glossed lips shoot swear words like cupid’s arrows, forced
to look up from a distance, tripping on your heels,
Breath shallow, lungs tight – FUCK-  so this is how it feels.
The shadow on her face, was that the way it fell on yours?
Soft like twilight on the skin, spooning her contours,
You never saw it so lovely from the outside, as they
move closer and you have to

Look away.

Tangling every part of him up inside her hair,
Images scoured on your retinas like rock art, he’s everywhere
Twisting his shape in hers, was that the way he’d fit with you?
From this external vantage point can you tell, this separated view,
A miniature world that’s all too near, they steal your breath,
You become the gooseberry, sickly green, deflate to death

Look away now.

You’ve seen this girl before, head to toe ring in Urban Outfitters,
Skinny flat, toned and bronzed up, shit that glitters,
A goddess so far removed he’s drooling on his knees,
Damp and horny as hell, she’s making him a sleaze,
Was he ever that hard for you?
You notice all those quirks you wish weren’t true.
His shy-ass smile, the creases by his eyes,
The way he snorts when he laughs and tries
To hide it with a cough and you

can’t look away.

They are coming and roots have sprouted from your toes,
Trapped you and frozen you in this cemented pose.
A triangle of eyes are locked, you feel your skin,
Burning, wet and shattered, against her you will never win

I told you.