What We Say

He said that you hadn’t been sleeping,

You said you’d gone to the doctor to get some sleeping pills.

He said that an old Indian man had told you the balance was off inside your body and that you cried,

You said, that guy was on drugs.

He said you’re looking thinner now,

You said, have you been eating proper meals?

He said you spend all your time in the garden,

You said the flowers were your friends, especially in the spring.

You said, are you seeing anyone special?

I said, not at the moment and your face fell.

You said, Sandra’s daughter has had a baby and it was an incredible experience for Sandra.

I said, good for Sandra but she sounds rather self-involved.

You said, the worst is when there’s only emoticons instead of words,

He said with WhatsApp you can see when they’re online.

You said it’s sometimes only the emoji without a mouth,

I said it’s probably the one that’s nearest to the thumb.

He said he wanted to travel the world and hitch-hike like a hippy,

You said you didn’t want to leave your world at home.

He said I should come home more often,

I said I come as much as I can.