disappear here

Dig your nails right in, fizzy cola top, carrying a sheep on your head, old style, like a shepherd from the bible innit? He’s grinning super-cute and wide, looks like an adolescent Michael Jackson with that mane, cotton wool cloud full of storms, dig your nails right in girls, don’t be shy. Lauren’s kneading it like dough, eyes all grinning super-cute, god she’s in love, bet she’s never touched a man’s locks like that before, they’re full of secrets he says, yeah I bet they are. His girl is there, all twinkling light beside him, whiter than the purest line, hair’s glowing and Charlie steps right back but his girl goes in for the touch, grinning all super-cute too as she rubs it between her palms, isn’t it the best? No jealous tone, no accusation, just affection and he’s pinching her arse, drawing her close to him while she beams all over them, isn’t it the best? Isn’t he the best? And they mesh hands all over his head, feeling it, every wire, every strand, every moment. Saucers eating up the entire egg white of the eye, pupils wide, alive, now you can see beyond the literal to less obvious things, like love… God Charlie was really spinning but right in her element now, a job that was made for her, tour-guide or the ingenious adventure planner and she couldn’t remember the last time she had done this or even the last time she’d met anyone she could do this for, a rarity, a myth, there were first timers to swats, to illegal raves, first timers in Shiva Valley, blinking off the plane, fresh and potent with infectious energy but they’d nearly always taken drugs and this was a different first time, the real deal, as her stare got wide, nose pressed against the mirror, “Love? Really?” a beaut, so innocent, a chick hatching into Charlie’s world, god just wait, I could show you so many things you have no idea exist yet and, though naive, this girl wasn’t trying to be cool, wasn’t trying to be something she wasn’t and Charlie respected that so much she wanted to kiss her, a privilege to watch, an honour to supply, to be the one to make it happen, but it wasn’t entirely selfless either as she munched and fed, a first time now long gone that was never coming back, one shot reflected inside of Lauren and Charlie shared that copious serotonin, got high off her and the purity of that feeling.

Pushing finger pads against the skin, pressed down in her girl’s left shoulder blade, letting any straggling tension loose to make its bolt, fucking A, a girl with amazing legs, do you want one, if we loop around like this then we can all massage each other? Fucking A, a circle! You have an amazing brain and amazing legs, why thank you, she replied in a voice like honey. Her girl was smiling, ear to jawline now, trying to decide what felt better, stroking the smooth, gentle neck of this pretty stranger or having her own skin lightly polished and none of this is weird, it’s what we’d do, if we weren’t so distant, uptight, separate, I mean how often do you fancy a back rub when you’re walking around and how often can you ask your colleague to oblige? Fucking A, the lovely-legged girl said, Fuck-ing-A.